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Recruiters are increasingly turning to online platforms to search for likely candidates who possess particular skills. Earning and displaying digital credentials “makes individuals digitally discoverable.”

We work with clients to deliver CanDo reporting systems that recognize individual’s skills and abilities and support transitions to work and further education.

CanDo caters to small and midsize service organizations. It is designed for organizations to enhance their programs and services for their clients by documenting clients’ preparations, pathways and transitions with a CanDo (competency-based) credential. The credential describes the client’s skills, abilities and/or knowledge. The CanDo Credential Management System also connects to employer hiring processes.

The CanDo platform documents:

  • Client/Program participant’s unique assets and personal achievements
  • Client/Program staff’s lessons learned about support strategies
  • Client/Program participant’s progress
  • Employer’s jobs, job bundles and work contexts