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A Way To Demonstrate You Care

We have designed our CanDo Platform to help you support your employees, clients, or students. The CanDo platform:

  • delivers progress reporting, Incident reporting, Intervention reporting, and assessments through simple mobile and web browser deployment
  • offers secure encrypted applications that collect and store data
  • allows only authorized users can access Client and Administration Portals
  • requires only minimal training with a friendly, consistent interface

Platform Applications  

GAD7 Assessment – The Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7 test is a commonly used measure of general anxiety symptoms. It has been successfully adopted across various settings and populations. It takes about 1-2 minutes to complete.

Report Now  a confidential online reporting tool. Individuals can report an incident without leaving their name or contact information if they choose. 

Action Ladder a friendly, multi-platform process for managing administrative interventions. It includes a comprehensive event alerting framework, incident response tracking, categorizing, and delegating system.

Progress Reports captures an employee, client, or student’s program accomplishments and identifies next steps.

K-12 Math progress reports document student’s curriculum achievements and instructional support options.