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ReportCloud delivers custom solutions corresponding to your  database and or data collection and reporting requirements. We work as your data  storage and data collection partner.

ReportCloud’s Record Store is a scalable database designed specifically to store, sort and  share data.

ReportCloud Also Gathers Data From Many Sources using API as a central gateway for the storage of client’s data.

ReportCloud Delivering Insights and Analytics – creates graphics that presents dashboards and data stories with just a few clicks.


Advantages to our custom ReportCloud service:

  • Secure  access to your custom application anytime & anywhere, store and share data and/or  collect data, track, decide and respond quickly.
  • Ease of use: minimal training required with friendly interface that has a consistent look/feel.
  • Simple deployment: a web browser and internet connection or smart devices are all that’s needed for data collection and reports to be generated from almost any location.
  • Works offline or online
  • Multiple formatting options: users can export in various formats such as Excel, PDF, CSV, RTF, XML, or a simple web display.
  • Security: customized access can be given to specific users allowing each user only access to reports they need.